Hi lovelies!

Before the launch of fashgoods.com, our skilled team worked as manufacturers and suppliers in the retail fashion industry. While we're unable to disclose specific brand names, we were proud to produce fashion for some of the industry's top brands. Over the past decade, our clothing has been worn by millions of fashion-savvy women. Seeing social media photos and videos of customers flaunting and adoring our pieces always brings a smile to our faces and validates every tough day and challenging decision. It was this experience and passion that drove us to create something unique. 

fashgoods sells ready-to-wear produced by our exceptional factories directly to consumers. By cutting out the middleman and avoiding additional fees, we maintain high quality and style standards while keeping our prices surprisingly low. We take pride in providing trendy, stylish fashion that's accessible to all. Rather than collaborating with well-known brands, we offer designs from independent and emerging designers, tapping into an abundance of unique talent and creativity yet to be discovered, but certainly deserving recognition. With a perfect blend of weekend dresses, work blouses, cozy sweat sets, and more, our company is committed to selling covetable pieces that bring joy.

All our products are manufactured in South Carolina and California, US, ensuring speedy shipment from within the United States. This not only bolsters the US economy by creating jobs but also ensures swift delivery for our customers across the U.S. and around the world.

For any inquiries, please reach out to fashgoods@vipservice.vip.